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The best decision I ever made!

I am a musician. I had severe carpel tunnel. My hands were almost totally disabled. A hand surgeon at Holy Redeemer Hospital said my career was over. A friend told me about Ridgegate Acupuncture. The use of my hands were totally restored. Be patient, it takes time. It took about 6 months. The "doctors" said it wasn't possible. Ridgegate is very tuned in to your specific needs. It was truly the best decision I ever made.

-- RA from Hatboro, PA

Let your body heal itself!

I am a professional pianist. About 6 months ago I started getting trigger thumb in my right thumb. If anyone is familiar with this condition, it can happen in your fingers and thumbs,and can become very painful. It started getting worse and worse. I went to see hand specialists,and got 3 cortisone shots in my right thumb,and 1 in my left.My right thumb was getting pretty bad,and my only recourse through conventional medicine was tendon release surgery. Right around this time someone gave me Rich Firnhaber's number, so I started getting acupuncture. It has been a couple months, and now my thumb is almost completely back to normal. Remember, you must give it time; just when I was getting ready to quit, I noticed improvement, and now I know I will not need surgery. I can't say enough about Rich; he is a very kind and caring person, and very skilled at his craft. Give it a chance, and let your body heal itself!

-- Scott Gurney

My last option!

I had severe pain in my back and both legs. After going to several specialists each telling me there wasn't anything they could do for me, that's when I called Rich at Ridgegate Acupuncture. I just wanted the pain to stop! After several months and numerous breakthroughs, one morning I woke up and sitting on the side of the bed: the pain was gone! Rich truly saved my life. It was absolutely the best phone call I ever made. Thanks,
-- V.J.C

It was painful to lift a cup of tea!

I developed "tennis elbow" from playing tennis, gardening and overuse of my right arm. It was painful to lift a cup of tea! Swimming, tennis and gardening were impossible. Orthopedic doctors recommended physical therapy with no improvement. Surgery was recommended and I decided to try acupuncture as a last resort, alternative therapy. Within six weeks of acupuncture treatment I could use my right arm again with no pain. It seemed miraculous to me until I began to understand that we are bodies of energy that acupuncture can treat. I have used Ridgegate Acupuncture for over fourteen years to help with head aches, sleeplessness and joint pain. I feel lucky to have found an energy tuning therapy that works for me. When I see a medical practitioner, I hope to feel understood and treated as a whole being and not just a body. Richard Firnhaber has this sense about him. I feel extremely comfortable and well understood in his healing presence.
-- Rebecca Fink
Richard J. Firnhaber PT, L.Ac, Dipl. CH
      Certified Acupuncturist & Herbalist

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